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Hennessy Bridal Suite

  • Bridal suite East Sussex near town hall

    Hair and makeup

    This magnifient space ensures everyone has plenty of room to get ready in comfort and style

  • Bridal suite East Sussex

    Seperate areas

    Whilst waiting everyone has designated areas to relax and sip champagne

  • Avenue bedroom

    The balcony outside of the

    Bridal suite offers outstanding views toward Camber

  • Avenue bedroom

    The balcony extends across the rear of the building

    No other East sussex Wedding venue has such space

  • Avenue bedroom

    Spacious Bridal suite with French furniture

    Lots of space to get ready in comfort

  • Avenue bedroom

    Bright and cheerful

    You will feel amazing

  • Avenue bedroom

    Door on extreme right leads to grand staircase

    Door to left leads to dressing room

  • Rye Bridal suite East Sussex

    It's like staying with friends

    Saltcote Place is our home and not a hotel

The days before your Wedding should be inspirational, it's not a reflection of you but it's about the new journey you about to embark on. You and your Partner will feel inspired by the suite and the views.

A typical timeline may be that your optional marquee is installed to your specification on Wednesday or Thursday; you and your friends can if you wish then decorate it whilst enjoying a few drinks to get the party started. You take up residence on Thursday or Friday and then welcome your guests later on Friday.

Please call us to make an appointment to come and share your dreams with us on 01797 222220

A Magnificent Bridal Suite

With far reaching views, you and your entourage will have plenty of space to enjoy each others company in the days leading up to your Celebration. The best day of your life is going to start well in our Bridal suite.

On the big day the Bridal party enjoy a relaxed breakfast around 08:30 whilst your hair and make-up arrive and set up here.

Your Partner comes for breakfast around 09:30 so that you miss each other and you head down to our intimate Ceremony room (or local church for a 13:00hrs service.

Returning slightly after your guests to the lawns at Saltcote where your photographer has probably already discussed the images you really are keen on. Our Catering team are ready for everyone and the canap├ęs, pims and champagne are in full flow.

You make your entrance as the perfect team surrounded by those you love and the next amazing party starts when you are ready.

Later when most of your guests have retired your nearest and dearest stay on to the small hours perhaps until the sunrises on your new Marriage.
As part of the experience we hope you will enjoy a bottle of champagne with our complements.

Sleep well and know we wont be asking you to check out at 9am.

Bridal Suite for the perfect princess & Weddings & Anniversary Celebrations

  • Bridal suite East Sussex in penthouse with views and parking
  • Bridal suite East Sussex parking and great reviews

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