East Sussex Wedding venue
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Tell us about Your Dream Wedding

Indoors or Outdoors from, 2 to 300 Guests and what about food and drink?

Because Saltcote Place is a private home and not a Wedding Factory we enjoy the process as much as you will. We work with our couples to create the most magical of Celebrations with each event being unique. To achieve the best possible Celebration it helps to have a little detail.

The time of year is important and your anticipated numbers will influence if it's indoors or a Marquee. Upto 48 indoors and we do not offer Marquees from November to March.

Please reach out and share your story, your plans and your excitement so that we can see if we can make your dream of a perfect wedding come true.

Late Availability due to relaunch
Two weekends in August 2018
Two weekends in September 2018
Two weekends in October 2018

Two weekends in August in 2019