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Outdoor Wedding Venue

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Outdoor Wedding VenueOutdoor Wedding Venue opportunities are great when you get it right.

As the law stands today (30/11/18) essentially you need to have your Ceremony in a licensed room. There are issues about the property being appropriate and of course this involves a degree of solemnity.

If however you speak with the Registration service you could still create something unique. After the formalities of paperworks are completed then armed with the Marriage Certificate you could create your own Outdoor Wedding Venue with a private Celebrant.

At Saltcote Place we pride ourselves on providing the support and facilities you need to have a magical outdoor wedding.

Having the right Celebrant is important, the day is yours and the form of words will make all the different.

Get it wrong and the Celebrant could well end up saying “We are here to witness the renewal of vows” instead of “We are here to witness the Marriage of”.Outdoor Wedding Venue

Small Details are important, this is a Celebration, it’s your Celebration and we want it to be as perfect just as much as you do.

Give us a call on 01797 222220 to share your dream or contact us here

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