Covid Weddings – Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Covid Weddings

Every Wedding is Magical

Covid Weddings

Weddings don’t need to be boring to comply with the regulations.
As long as we comply we can still be creative, bear in mind at all times the rules below are intended to protect the Employees of the Registration Service aka East Sussex County Council.

As long as we can minimise the time the Celebrant and Registrar are in the room you still have the opportunity to create something special.

The following measures must be in place before the Registrar and Celebrant will attend:

  • No more than 15 people, including the couple and their witnesses, can be present during a ceremony.
  • All room capacities are subject to a local Covid-19 risk assessment that should be carried out by the Venue in line with Government recommendations.
  • Please note that, in line with Government guidelines, only the legal minimum required for a marriage or civil partnership to be valid will be allowed. this means that we cannot accommodate couples being escorted into the room, music, readings, additional vows or ring words in the ceremony.
    This means your readings and formalities could be done before or after the legal elements.

    Please ensure that there is a clear pathway from the entrance doorway to the front of the ceremony room, enabling our Registrars to maintain 2 metres social distancing.
  • The room layout must also ensure that our Registrars can maintain 2 metres social distancing throughout. Only the specified licenced room may be used for the legal declaratory and contracting words, which means to sign the register in front of witnesses the Celebrant and Registrar will leave the Ceremony room and go into the Music room to be joined by the couple and witnesses.
  • To minimise contact time for all parties, Registrars will interview the couple by telephone from their car when they arrive. Please ensure that the couple are in a private room together (can be separate to avoid being seen until the moment of entering the Ceremony room but needs to be agreed with Celebrant and Registrar) ready to receive this call at least 20 minutes before the start time of the ceremony.
  • All parties, including the couple, must then be in the ceremony room ready for the proceedings to begin at the time of the booking before the Registrars will enter the room.
  • Once the legal proceedings have been concluded, the Registrars will leave the ceremony room. This is the time for your readings perhaps
  • For a Civil Partnership, the couple and witnesses will have signed the schedule in front of their guests as this constitutes the legal minimum required to form the partnership.
  • For a Marriage, the Registrars will move to the Music room to complete the register alone. Once this is done, they will ask the on-call Responsible Person to escort the couple and their witnesses to the interview room for the register to be signed by all parties.
  • The couple and their witnesses will be required to sanitise their hands before signing the register. Please ensure that hand sanitiser is available.
  • Couples and their witnesses will also need to provide their own pens to sign the register or schedule. These can be biros but must contain either blue or black ink.
  • Our Registrars will provide you with their names and contact phone numbers so that you can comply with the Government’s NHS Test & Trace service if required.

Face coverings must be worn but the Bride is exempt.
The image used on this post was taken pre-covid by local Wedding photographer Debbie Sanderson see