Exclusive use Wedding venue - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Wedding Marquee East Sussex at Saltcote Place

Exclusive use Wedding venue

It’s only an “Exclusive use Wedding venue” if it’s exclusive and you are able to use and enjoy it exclusively.

On the day if you don’t have the entire place to yourself or there is another function in the premises then it’s not exclusive. What’s exclusive about having the same venue as 50 of your friends?

We all know that local venue where everyone else you know were married. You know about the food, you know about the lighting and you know there was another wedding the day before and the day after.

We believe an exclusive use Wedding venue offers the opportunity to share something special with lovely people occasionally.

Too many Wedding venues claim to offer an “Exclusive use Wedding venue” and then require you and your guests to be out by 09:30 the next day.

Some Wedding venues insist you ….
  • Use their DJ
  • Use their cake knife at £50 some knife that must be 😉
  • Charge extra for bottles water the day after £3.00 x 2.1/2 bottles for each of your 80 guests who left yesterday = an unpleasant £600 surprise
  • Close all windows and doors after 22:00 as they are in a built up area
  • Buy 28 bedrooms which you don’t need
  • Pay for their concierge
  • Pay for menus on the table
  • Pay for place cards
  • Pay for tasting sessions
  • Pay for parking

We think exclusive means how you feel about the experience and how your Guests enjoy their time with you Celebrating the most enjoyable day of your life so far.

The best is yet to come so if you want to really have an exclusive use wedding where it feels more like getting married at your friends place then perhaps a chat would be in order.

Sending us an email asking for packages is probably not going to work as we don’t offer packages at all – ever – never have – never going to. This is what makes a Wedding venue exclusive use.

You design it, we can help and it’s going to be fun fun fun all the way.

If you want to talk to the owners and not a member of staff then give us a call or drop us an email and tell us about yourselves. Click on this link Exclusive use Wedding Venue

Alan and Paul