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Saltcote Prices

Saltcote Prices depend on your preferences of indoors or outdoors. The number of Guests can be from, 2 to 250 Guests.


To get married at Saltcote Place the cost could start from as little as £3,500


Your selection of food, drink (and Marquee if more than 48 guests) will be in addition. There are no pre-set packages. Saltcote Prices are the same all year round.


Please reach out and share your story, your plans and your excitement so that we can see if we can make your dream of a perfect wedding come true.


Late Availability in 2020
Two weekends in May
Two weekends in June
One weekend in July
Two weekends in August
Two weekends in September


2020 Venue fee is £12,000

Plenty of space to party


For accommodation our Bridal suite in unrivaled, Upto 14 Guests can stay at Saltcote, we recommend you explain to your Guests about the inexpensive accommodation at http://winchelsealodge.co.uk/private-function/