2024 Wedding East Sussex is still possible
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2024 Wedding East Sussex

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2024 Wedding East Sussex

2024 Wedding East Sussex
is still possible.

Due to a time waster we have now re-opened our Diary for 2024 Wedding East Sussex

We can help you arrange a 2024 Wedding in less than a day, we have done that after the George in Rye caught fire.

With over ten years experience we have identified the top concerns Couples have and assure you we have the solutions in place to make your Celebration magical. All of our Couples once booked receive the tools that help them plan the important issues and take away the stress.

Our reviews make it clear that we care and we get the detail right with our Couples, the items below are often described as being of most concern, we have the tools that will make the journey enjoyable where others see only stress.

We will give you the tools to help you easily and professionally plan you 2024 Wedding in East Sussex without the stress that comes with trying to plan something two or three years in advance. 

In many ways planning a Wedding in 2024 for this Summer or Winter is a lot easier.

It’s easier to know your Budget and staying on track with accurate projections to include the Venue, clothes, food and drink as well as incidentals are easily tracked and shared with the tools we provide with those who need to know.

Decision Making

Order of events, sleeping arrangements for you and your guests, local transport and how to avoid you being liable for every penny in the event of a “No Show” is again very simple to track.


How to ensure the in-laws and out-laws all feel comfortable and they are able to enjoy the Celebration and support you from start to finish without treading on those delicate toes 😉

Invitations and RSVP Management
We help you make the whole process easy and transparent

Juggling your time

Planning the suppliers and different element of the Celebration need not be complicated.

Seating Plans

Advice on insurance considerations

We ensure you stay on Budget and the price your are quoted is the price we agree mutually, there will be no extras on the day after. 

We look forward to welcoming you and those who are pivotal to your celebration back once you have selected Saltcote Place so that you can share your plans with them. Give us a call on 01797 222220 today