Your Wedding Day - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Your Wedding Day

Let’s set the scene

By the day of your Wedding you really know Saltcote Place and the owners very well. It’s feeling like home, we want this feeling as much as you do. It’s personal.

You decided where your besties are sleeping in the house and as much as you love children you probably have them being looked after close by.

Your Marquee is ready for you

Assuming a weekend Celebration and a Marquee then we had it ready for you on Thursday so you and a few friends can come over and get the party started.

Putting your own stamp on the Marquee with inexpensive little touches is just another way of enjoying memorable time with family and friends in the days leading up to your Celebration. A few bottles of prosecco are bound to help things go well.

You may have decided to stay here on the Thursday or Friday, that’s up to you. On the day before your celebration you will welcome your family and friends to Saltcote as we help settle them in.


Taking over a local restaurant is a great way to ensure all of your guests get to see you both before the big day, you don’t have to pay for everything here as it’s just a social gathering but it’s extending your Celebration and making it different to every other event your Guests have been to.

On the day

The Bridal party will enjoy a relaxed breakfast perhaps in the Saltcote bathrobes we provided. Breakfast could start around 08:30 with complementary Champagne. During breakfast your hair and make-up arrive and await your arrival in the Hennessy suite.

The second breakfast sitting starts around 09:30. To ensure you miss each other.

Later you head down to our intimate Ceremony room (or local church for a very relaxed 13:00 or 14:00 service).

Our Catering team are ready for your return

After the Ceremony your Guests will arrive back to Saltcote Place just before you. Now the fun starts – we don’t mess around with any preset number of canapés or set number of glasses of Pimms (that would be called a “Package” ) we just keep offering the canapés of your choice until your Guests no longer accept them.

Everything will be presented by impeccably presented staff dressed in black and white to ensure spirits are high for your arrival.

When you arrive at Saltcote let’s get you both comfortable before you are “announced” on the rear lawns to cheers from already merry guests.

Your photographer has probably already discussed the images you really want and may well have called in before hand to check the lighting and to become familiar with Saltcote Place.

Our Catering team in the Marquee are ready to present the Wedding breakfast of your dreams, around 16:30 or a time you decide Guests make their way from the gardens to be seated.

You make your first entrance as a married couple surrounded by those you love. And the next amazing party starts when you are ready.

Your DJ, Your Band and whatever else you want to include ensures the party from heaven that you deserve.

Later when most of your guests have retired, your nearest and dearest stay on to the small hours. Perhaps until the sunrises on your new Marriage. As part of the experience, we hope you will enjoy a bottle of champagne with our complements.

Sleep well and know we wont be asking you to check out at 9am, in fact most couples are not out of their bathrobes until 12am so by 2pm you could be ready to face the joys of married life.

Don’t forget that you have a fantastic marquee in the grounds so if you wanted to invite everyone back for brunch it’s possible. Of course there would be additional costs for the catering and facilities but as we keep saying….. “Everything is possible here”.

Bridal Suite for the Wedding of the perfect princess & Anniversary Celebrations

The days before your Wedding should be inspirational, it’s a reflection of you and the new journey you about to embark on. You and your Partner will feel inspired by the suite and the views.

A typical timeline may be that your optional marquee was installed to your specification on Wednesday or Thursday; you and your friends can if you wish then decorate it whilst enjoying a few drinks to get the party started. You take up residence on Thursday or Friday and then welcome your guests later on Friday.

You have ideas about your Celebration and we are looking forward to hearing about them.

Please call us to make an appointment to come and share your dreams with us on 01797 222220