Amberley Suite - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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The Amberley Bedroom suite

Wedding Accommodation East Sussex – Five star all the way

This large comfortable suite has a king size four post bed with barley twist supports and a full canopy.

A full size chest of drawers and a double wardrobe ensure your stay will be comfortable. There is a ladies desk in the suite with plenty of space for hair and makeup.

The two seat sofa and single chair are in top condition and both are comfortable.

The TV is a smart TV with internet access. Another Cat6 socket and very strong WiFi ensures you will always be in touch or entertained as you prefer.

Our couples decide who stays where, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters will all enjoy the extra little touches of luxury. This suite is on the same floor as the Bridal suite.

There are nine power points in the suite.

Lovely bathroom and lots of space to get ready

The feature mirror above the sink has a heated panel to prevent misting as well as a non touch switch to the lower right hand underneath which turns on the lamp when movement is detected.

The half round door exiting the bathroom comes out on the middle landing, the door is kept locked from the inside when we have the suite in use to ensure your privacy at all times.

Contact us to arrange a discussion or visit.