Elopement Wedding – Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
Elope or small wedding either way we really understand the meaning of a small intimate celebration. No1 on TripAdvisor 12 years.
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Elopement Wedding is more popular than you imagine

An elopement Wedding is an inexpensive way to have something magical for the two of you and perhaps a few very select friends and family. Unlike a regular Wedding you take absolute control without the help of the inlaws, outlaws or the stress and expense of feeding 150 people you then feel obliged to invite 😉

We will give you exclusive use of the venue without the massive cost associated with a Wedding.

A Pampered few days

We will probably enjoy a bottle of wine with you whilst we hear how you want your Celebration to evolve. It could be just a few hours or perhaps over a few days. The choice is yours.

Your plans can also change once you see the facilities, it could involve our catering team and also our marquee if needed.

Whatever you decide will prevail, nice late breakfasts, inclusive options to include drinks and meals are available. Start to imagine how you would like your Elopement to evolve and we will make it happen.

Elopement is far more than just about saving money or keeping a low profile, it’s about the two of you having the best time together in the way you want.

Your guests will be treated like royalty. And let’s face it, there may well be more than one or two Queens present. Children are welcome to our Wedding celebrations as long as they are neither the Bride or Groom. Disabled facilities are in place and all dietary needs can be respected.

Alan and Paul look forward to welcoming you to our home!

Elopement with Friends & Family

Mums and Dads, perhaps a couple of close friends can all join you in whatever capacity you determine.

You decide how you want your Elopement to evolve. We provide support where needed and ideas if requested, at Saltcote you are not restricted to “packages”.

Every elopement is a unique celebration.

Elopement for two only

Adamant it’s just the two of you that’s equally welcomed here.

We have an outstanding reputation with an impeccable track record for delivering outstanding service. Let’s find some time to discuss your ideal elopement. Call us on 01797 222220

Celebrations at Saltcote Place are too important to leave to chance.

We look forward to hearing of how we can help your dreams unfold

Just the two of you

Saltcote Place is located about 8 minutes walk from the bustle of Rye High street. Most importantly, we understand the beauty of Elopement. We will make it special for you.

We understand it’s special

Your Elopement will exceed your expectation. We make sure everything is in place so you will have the best possible time.

Perfect Elopement

Our catering team will prepare your preferred meals of you can eat in Rye which is about 7 minutes walk away.