Terms and Conditions - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Terms and Conditions

When you make a reservation to hire Saltcote Place we will ask you for an initial part payment of one quarter payable at the point of reserving a particular date for your celebration. Upon receipt of the payment, we will make the facilities unavailable to any other party.

Option to use
You are purchasing an option to use the facilities at Saltcote Place “Exclusively” of any other guests. You can change your mind about the date however the payment terms remain unchanged. The option may be Void if we cannot accommodate your first choice or second choice within the same year. And within the same season (excluding Bank Holidays) the option may be Void.

Covid or other medical national Considerations
In the event of a condition which prevents us from hosting your Celebration due to conditions imposed upon us then we will offer and discuss the opportunity to Roll over or postpone to a later date without charge with the exception of perishable items which need to be paid for to a date within the same price point.  If you wish to roll over to a date with a higher price point then paying the difference in price will secure that option.

We ask that Couples encourage guests to have vaccinations where possible and to adhere to current NHS / Govt guidelines with regard to social distancing, masks etc.

What if you have to cancel?
We respect that sometimes situations change, therefore, we strongly urge all parties to take out Wedding Insurance and assume you have done so. There is a cancellation period of 14 days from the date on your first payment to allow “cooling off”. You must complete all payments to the agreed schedule and at least four weeks before the date of the event. Example Weddings and event insurance policy

What it we cancel ?
We cannot envisage any reason why we should cancel any Celebration. In the event that all parties are in accord then any payments received would be refunded in full. This is here to protect us from a party substantially changing their event such as adding significantly more guests, requiring more facilities but not wishing to contribute.

Frustrated agreements
In the event of a lock down being imposed or such other outside influence then rest assured we will permit and encourage the event is ROLLED OVER to a date we agree upon.

Instructing Party
Means “The person or couple who are holding the event” are the ones to whom we will be answerable and will take instructions from.

Means your option to purchase is “Non refundable”. We will have invested a lot of time and resource in preparation of your event and will have marked the dates as unavailable to others.

If you cancel within 12 months of the date, the remaining balance will be payable in full at the time of cancellation.

Because we are a bespoke, exclusive use, private home venue with limited availability. It is unlikely we will be able to find another couple to take on your date. Most people insure their Holidays and Weddings insurance is equally inexpensive and very worthwhile. Moving the date of your event outside of the 12 month limit and then cancelling will also cause the cancellation fee to be due.

Check in is from 2pm on the day of the event for your guests. You may arrive at an earlier time with our agreement.

All Accommodation
We operate a minimum of two night stay if it involves a Friday or a Saturday night. We can only do a one night stay from Sunday to Thursday. All accommodation should be booked if a Friday or Saturday is the day of a Wedding. Or other function unless otherwise in agreement.

Only Guests who are staying in the accommodation may visit the accommodation suites. Unless it is your hair, make-up, Bridesmaids and parents etc. In the case of a Wedding. For the avoidance of doubt non resident guests cannot use or visit the accommodation suites once the celebration starts. Our accommodation rate is for a particular number with the correct number of people to a bed. Additional Guests who stay without prior agreement will be charged £250 payable immediately.

Access to the house
Guests who are not staying in the house are specifically not allowed into the accommodation areas. This is to protect the belongings of those staying in the house. We appreciate you may want to show a guest your suite however we require that you escort them at all times and ask our permission prior to taking any non resident guest into the accommodation.

Access statement
The Access statement is to be a good indicators of facilities. We will work with you to help where possible. If you are the Instructing Party or organising an event in the grounds and arranging for toilet facilities please make arrangements for your guests with disabilities. Full details here

As Saltcote Place is a private home. We would kindly ask that you share a set of your pictures with us at no cost to us. Most Photographers are happy to give us a set of pictures free of charge. We recognise the images have a value both commercially to the photographer and emotionally to you. We will never breach the trust of either party. So we will not share or publish without the express permission of both parties. And will ensure copyright is available where appropriate. We may take and use our own photographs and imagery for promotional purposes.

Thank you in advance for any positive reviews unless we agree otherwise, we will have your permission to refer to and to re-use your review in such other media as we determine. For example, a nice review on Google+ could be referred to on our Facebook page or our website or other site.

We strongly suggest you consider insurance for any damage. As the hiring party will be responsible for reparations in the event of damage, and any loss of revenue. – consequential to that loss or damage due to yourselves, your guests or your suppliers. It is essential that all suppliers provide Saltcote with evidence of insurance and PAT testing whether we request or not.

You cannot discharge after 11pm and must be provided by the supplier we prefer.

Charges will be on own drinks at £10 per guest over the age of 16 years and must be paid with cleared funds at least one week before the celebration.

Power for detached Marquee and other items in grounds
You are welcome to hire a generator or to use the 63amp Ceeform supply at Saltcote which we include at no additional cost.

Saltcote Place has non smoking policy internally. This includes the accommodation and public areas. In the event of smoking being evident in the accommodation a deep cleaning fee may be applied of £100.

Please Consider the Environment
Decorating your tables and throwing confetti is all part of the fun, we ask that you avoid anything that’s just shiny plastic for the sake of it, this is bad for the environment. Exploding containers of polythene, stupid hearts of various colours that take 500 years to degrade and kill birds and hedgehogs in the interim are all bad ideas. Rice paper and other biodegradable materials are imaginative and appreciated.

Please share this with your Guests, if we end up with Plastic confetti and other non environmentally friendly material as detailed here there could be associated cleaning costs.

It is understood that music will be reduced in volume to “Slower tempo” at 23:30. With no amplified music audible outside of Saltcote by 23:59. You can have a great time without losing your hearing. To this end all suppliers are advised to read this Supplier Terms.

Indoor events
Intended to be small intimate celebrations and not a substitute for a Marquee Wedding where a lot more is possible in the available space.

All dancing is in the Marquee, the oak floors within the house are not suitable for dancing.

Drinks on the dance floor
We do not permit drinks on the dance floor as is may make the dance floor slippery if wet and broken glass could represent a safety issue to those without inadequate footwear especially children. We ask that you bring this to the attention of your guests to ensure your celebration goes without incident.

Room changeovers are billable depending on what is required in what time scale.

Guests are able to leave cars parked in the grounds until 14:00 the following day without charge. Saltcote are not responsible for the safety or vehicles or other items within our grounds. We recommend adequate community based transport is arranged well in advance. This is to ensure all Guests are returned to their accommodation at midnight.

Next day or previous day usage.
We recognise many people may want to use the Marquee and grounds the next day. However, dependent upon the type of use there may be a fee. The usual check out time is 11am. For a two night stay it will be 12:00. A late check out may be available at reasonable rates to cover additional time and resource on our part.

Public Holidays and Holiday Periods
Will carry a surcharge as set out in our pricing schedule.

Guest Obligations and Responsibilities
The client who books Saltcote undertakes to:
Comply with licensing and other laws relating to the property as advised.

Remain responsible for all children and adults requiring care at all times.

To keep the property its fixtures and fittings in the same and proper condition and repair as on arrival. If any excessive cleaning is required following your departure a charge will be made. And the costs will be deducted from the security deposit. (or charged to your account where a security deposit has not been requested). You hereby agree to pay for any costs incurred by us due to damage to the property. Or its furnishings and fixtures (including carpets/rugs). And theft of property by your guests/agents or contractors, this includes any third party recovery fees.

To pay for any damage or loss however caused (at full replacement value). All breakages and any damage must be reported to us before the end of your stay. The right to make repairs to the property and replace damaged fixtures fittings and equipment is acknowledged. Also, right to deduct such costs from security deposit is acknowledged. And you will be liable for all costs in excess of the amount of the security deposit. And you will undertake to reimburse us upon written demand.

Security Deposit
A security deposit may be requested at our discretion, it will be held as cleared funds with our solicitor and will be released seven working days after the celebration has ended and the site is cleared. Deductions from the security deposit are allowed under the conditions described herein. Any aggression toward any member of staff will result in the forfeiture of any security deposit in full.

Unreasonable Behaviour
If in the opinion of our staff, any guest is not suitable to continue their occupation of the property. Because of unreasonable behaviour, damage, nuisance to other parties, or use of illegal substances. The parties involved will be asked to leave. Failure to leave immediately may result in immediate cessation of the event or celebration so please choose your guests carefully.  Any liability for the whole cost of hire shall remain and no refund shall be due.

If damage caused results in the premises being unfit for occupation to subsequent guests. You shall be liable for the loss of revenue / income and any related losses.

You must ensure that all rubbish and other materials not belonging to Saltcote are cleared from the premises at the end of the event/function. If we incur any costs in cleaning up rubbish or other materials left by you, your  guests / delegates/attendees agents or contractors. We will recharge this to you.

Visiting Friends and Family
We understand family and friends will probably want to pop in and have a look at your chosen venue. Please could you ask them not to simply drop in as attendance is by appointment only. No one is to drive on the grass, as we are keen to ensure the grounds always look at their best. It’s for this reason extensive CCTV is in use 24 x 7. See

If we are not hosting the Wedding but simply doing the accommodation element –  then please discuss any additional facilities you may require which may be above and beyond simply providing the accommodation. For example deliveries, non residents attending, hair and make-up and parking are excluded from the agreement. And will need to be charged for unless otherwise agreed before the day.

With regret we have had an unfortunate case where we wasted weeks of time and effort. And the couple tried to book our suppliers directly. Our reputation has been developed – As a result of having selected the best in their field for our suppliers and support team. This has been the result of considerable investment of time on our part. This is referred to as “Consultancy” in the event that you book the supplier directly.

If you decide not to use Saltcote Place for your Celebration but however engage our suppliers directly, then you irrevocably agree to pay us 20%. (Reduced to 10% if paid within 30 days of notice having been given) of the spend with that supplier which will be payable before the event. The fee compensates us for the time spent with you and the value of Consulting services offered. You irrevocably authorise the supplier to keep us informed of your spend. And do not object to the supplier including our consultancy fee in their invoice to you.

The agreed price stands at all times, you can add items as needed subject to additional costs being agreed.

Responsibility for loss or damage
We cannot accept responsibility for losses of items. Or damage to property or injury caused by any of your guests or your suppliers or consequential losses.

Third party fees and late payments
Invoices are due on the payment term specified. Statutory interest is charged at 8% plus the Bank of England base rate at the time and calculated daily. Third party recovery fees may be applied.

Force Majeure
Saltcote Place will take all reasonable actions to accommodate all reservations made to the best of our ability. We do however reserve the right to provide alternative services if necessary, without prior notice. While we have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the information in our brochures, tariffs, advertisements are accurate. We also reserve the right to alter or substitute any service, facility or amenity without notice if necessary at any time. We also reserve the right to alter terms for unconfirmed reservations without prior notice.

Please print off and sign then post a copy of the terms to us at the address below or paste a copy of the terms into an email and send it to us.

Not sending the Terms and Conditions does not void the agreement. It does however show good intent and confirms the mutual expectations we share.

On 29th of October 2023 we added an AI Bot to the website which is capable of interpreting a large amount of data on the website, whilst reasonably nothing the AI Bot indicates is deemed to be binding on either party, it is simply an aid memoir or or at best an agent and shall not bind Saltcote Place.

I have read, understood and agree to be bound to the above Terms and Conditions.

Signed: _______________________________

Printed: _______________________________

Date: _______________________________

Date of Celebration: _____________________

Post to the address below

Saltcote Place
Saltcote Lane
East Sussex
TN31 7NR