Why appointments are essential
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Why appointments are essential

Please do not arrive without an appointment, we offer Weddings here because it’s fun. We have a range of other interests that fill our days, even arriving early does not work very well. Let’s keep it fun as it works so much better that way.

Private home not a hotel
This means there will be no reception, or check in, yes it’s a private home like yours. Because we do not have staff it means we cannot see anyone without an appointment.

To arrange a convenient time to come over and view please call us on 01797 222220. If you call after 21:00 your voicemail will be reach us almost immediately and we will reply the next working day.

We want to show you around, we want to hear about your plans as well.

Having an appointment helps maintain a sense of calm order to our lives and those we engage with.

Please keep off the grass
Unfortunately, some people arrive without an appointment and cannot find the reverse gear. Some of them drive all over the grass and wonder why it is not convenient for us to stop what we are doing and chat.

The reality is we are doing this because it’s fun, we are keen to keep it that way.

CCTV helps us just as it does a public car park
Since the first CCTV images were captured in 2004 we had a new system installed. The Romney flooring image is low resolution.

As you enter Saltcote Lane CCTV captures all vehicle registration numbers long before you reach the house where ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Registration system) has logged full details of the vehicle.

Driving on the grass ruins it for others and it’s embarrassing once caught.

Day and night the registration numbers are capture automatically and we get notifications each time a vehicle returns.  Driving on the grass in the winter will still pop up and alert us the next time you attend and Paul will ask you to leave.

The system actively alerts us when people cross the line, not everyone knows when they cross the line so this may help.

We host less than 12 Weddings each year by choice, all we are looking for is nice people.

Arriving without an appointment will always result in a wasted journey and will cause embarrassment when asked to leave at a later date. There is nothing to see from the outside.

Scores of discrete CCTV cameras work 24 hours a day. Each one capable of seeing in the dark and offering “really” close up details, including faces.

The term “Exclusive”, means it’s not right for everyone – we look forward to hearing from you.