East Sussex Wedding Venue - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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East Sussex Wedding Venue nails it!

Perfect Weddings are the result of the couple and the Venue working in unison.

You have a vision and the passion, we believe you deserve a venue who share your excitement instead of offering packages.

Saltcote Place is an intimate family home.  We set aside the time needed to understand your preferences so we can help you craft the perfect Celebration for up to 200 guests.

Our approach means that no two weddings here are ever the same.

We prefer not to offer ‘Packages’. Once we understand your plans we then we work with you to develop an entirely bespoke Celebration tailored around you. We can give you an indication of cost here.
We never run weddings back to back.

Once within the grounds, Saltcote will be your home for the duration of your Celebration for the duration.

The owners will be here over seeing every detail. We enjoy meeting excited couples and then later delivering the perfect Celebration for our friends.

Unlike other venues there will be no other brides and grooms checking in tomorrow – we promise! Saltcote is all about exclusivity, this is another way a small wedding venue can really make a difference to your celebration.

Children are welcome and your Guests will enjoy themselves. Disabled facilities are in place and all dietary needs can be accommodated.

Venues for Small Weddings

East Sussex Wedding Venue with great views due to our elevated setting. The private gated grounds ensures your Celebration is private with exclusive use.

We are a very short walk into town where there is plenty of additional accommodation, we offer plenty of free parking here.

The extensive lawns and formal gardens offer intimate space for your wedding pictures.

More than one Bride has been invited back a few days afterward to retake a few magical pictures which may have been overlooked on the day.

You are welcome to pop along with your photographer in advance of your celebration to plan how some of your memories will be captured.

Your Guests

Up to 12  of your Guests can stay at Saltcote. Within a few minutes walk, we have enough accommodation for another 100. With midweek Celebrations there is no requirement to use our lovely accommodation.

The Rye Bay area is always a popular place to stay, at the weekend’s good accommodation can be at a premium. We strongly suggest you make your plans well in advance to allow your guests adequate time to make their arrangements. We will be pleased to help where needed.

Often a midweek Wedding will reduce your costs and make it easier for guests to find suitable accommodation. If you are having pre-wedding meals the local restaurants will be more able to offer you exclusive use.

We can help you arrange transport to return your guests to their respective accommodation as the Celebration winds down. Vehicles can be left here overnight if needed.

The day after your Celebration it may be an idea not to rush off but to have a BBQ or tea party in your Marquee? It’s a magical way to share memories in a relaxed way before heading off on your new life together.

Wedding Packages – really?

Packages belong in supermarkets not Weddings.

We prefer the joy of you developing your dreams, with your DJ, Hair, Makup, etc.

We will provide support where needed and ideas if you want them.

At Saltcote you are not restricted to “packages”.

We have the best catering and events team in place who work within your budget to develop the bespoke celebration you dream of.

With prices starting from only £57 per person which could include unlimited evening drinks from the bar. Remember it’s your day and your idea’s that count.

Make an appointment to see the finest East Sussex Wedding Venue.

Come and see us

Let us know about your plans and aspirations. Tell us why you are excited and when you would like to hold your Celebration. The number of Guests will influence the location of the Celebration as could the time of year.

Please phone to arrange a time as we cannot see people who arrive without an appointment.

Once we know about your preferences we can arrange a time for us to show you around this top rated East Sussex Wedding Venue.

We would thank everyone for not driving on the grass unless it is in a clearly designated area with signs expressly making it clear to do so.

Those who have been to see us will have noticed the extensive use of CCTV with ANPR is in operation 24 x 7.

We would love to show you around our home. Please get in touch to arrange a viewing, we are unable to see anyone without an appointment.

We look forward to hearing of how we can help your dreams unfold

Marquee Weddings

No two marquees are the same, we encourage you to make yours as bespoke as you wish. Our Marquee team have been responsible for some amazing structures.

Asian Weddings

Up to 250 guests can party knowing that your culture is appreciated and shown at its best from start to finish. Your own catering is an option.

Bespoke Weddings

Themes, plays, theatre, your horse in attendance, or parachute or Helicopter in. As long as it's fun fattening and legal your wedding your way.

Small Intimate Weddings

Intimate weddings are once again in fashion, it is all about the two of you and your closest family and friends. Read our reviews and know your Wedding will be perfect.

Wedding Catering

Wedding catering is one of the most important parts of the day, if it's feast, a BBQ or Hog roast our team will deliver perfection. Our catering team are all at the top of their game, we only use professionals with a proven track record. They are all really nice people as well.

Same Sex Weddings

We share your passion and understand this more than most venues. Your family and friends will see a perfect Celebration evolve in a great setting.