Marquee Weddings East Sussex - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
Marquee Weddings East Sussex at Saltcote Place Rye under and hour from London.
Marquee Weddings East Sussex, Wedding Marquee East Sussex,
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Marquee Weddings in East Sussex

There are many benefits in having a Marquee Wedding such as being able to create as much space as you desire. The entire experience with a bespoke wedding can support every aspect of your dreams and can be adapted as you prefer.

Marquee Weddings offer the opportunity to have a Celebration larger than a traditional venue could offer simply because you also have control over the grounds where it’s situated. Whether it’s a BBQ, family service or a Hog Roast your Marquee will be perfect.

At this top rated Wedding venue in East Sussex you will usually have access from the Wednesday or at least two or three days before your Celebration and the day after if needed.

Our Marquee team walk on water, well almost. The Quality of the Marquees will impress you as will the service levels.

It is important to know that after Covid and the current unlock there is a shortage of quality physical Marquees so booking your marquee with one of our marquee providers is better sooner than later.

Marquee Catering

Forget any thoughts about cooking in a tent in a field, modern catering companies that specialise in Marquee catering have the catering facilities and professional staff to create restaurant quality food.

Marquee catering also says you can enjoy a wide mix of food such as a Hog Roast, Paella and BBQ at the same time as you facilitate great vegan choices. Not all restaurants can cope with such a range of choices.

Our Catering team are quite possibly the best in the South East, we have worked with our catering team for more than 10 years with a team of professional Chefs who rival any of the top Chefs in London.

Amazing dishes beautifully presented and expertly cooked on site will be delivered to the tables by well trained and highly presentable staff.

We will only use one Catering team, we’ve tried the rest and for the past 10 years we’ve used the best.

Your Wedding Marquee can look like a yacht on the inside, feel like a gambling den or look like the inside of a cathedral.

We encourage you and your family to consider it part of the fun to be able to spend a few days with family and friends putting your marque on the Marquee.

If that involves a few bottles of prosecco that’s OK with us.

Amazing dishes beautifully presented and expertly cooked on site will be delivered to the tables by well trained and highly presentable staff.