Get Married in East Sussex 2024 or 2025 -
Get Married in 2024 at Saltcote Place Rye, Ceremony, Wedding breakfast and stay in fantastic accommodation availability March to end of October
Get Married in 2024, get married in 2025
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Get Married in East Sussex 2024 or 2025

Get Married in East Sussex 2024 or 2025 at Saltcote Place in Rye.

We have everything you could need at Saltcote Place to have a wonderful Wedding.

Your Ceremony can be in one of our rooms that are licensed or could be in the gardens with a range of options.

Depending on your numbers the Wedding breakfast could be small and intimate from just you two in the house or up to 200 guests in a marquee of your design decorated to your specification.

As the party closes you and your nearest and dearest will stay in Saltcote Place and enjoy the accommodation and intimacy of exclusive use.

We still have short notice availability to the end of October in a marque and indoor intimate ceremonies until November.

Your Wedding can easily be planned in a short space of time without losing the intimacy and majesty, if anything a shorter time frame alters the focus for everyone and makes it a lot more fun as decisions are made easier without the need to consider many more options and influencing factors made more complicated by helpful in-laws and outlaws.

We have the online planning tools and suppliers all ready to support your Celebration and to ensure it’s all that you desire. 

You have the time to arrange your wedding in a week if needed. Louise and Matthew were married here just 24 hours after their Wedding venue burned down. They called us at 8am on the day of the fire and were married here later that day. We arranged the catering for over 100 guests and it went ahead without a hitch (sorry about that 😉 .

The BBC footage is on our Instagram page. We arranged everything in 8 hours. Everything is possible, let’s have a chat on 01797 222220

You can see our prices here