Parking at Saltcote - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
Parking at Saltcote Place is plentiful with space for around 80 cars.
Parking at Saltcote Place
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Parking at Saltcote

Leaving a tree-lined avenue in the pictures

The idea is to park where shown so that we leave the drive clear for great images. When you arrive, you will see vehicles on the grass parking spaces.

Please you should continue in the same lines which ensures no vehicle is closer to the drive than the line of trees and with no vehicles in the shaded area. The postcode for Saltcote is TN31 7NR


Speed Caution

Please, share this with your guests. There is a footpath running along the length of the drive which is outside of the venue. Consequently, it is possible that Children or pets could be present in the drive, we ask if everyone would please keep speed to under 5mph at all times.


Leave your cars overnight –┬áParking at Saltcote

You can leave your vehicles overnight where initially parked. Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage. Please collect your vehicle by 13:00 the next day.


Let’s keep everyone happy

Importantly please can we ask all guests to leave quietly after the function? Because we have lovely neighbours, and are keen to keep it that way. Be aware that CCTV does cover the full extent of the drive.

Parking at Saltcote Place Rye