Restaurants-in-Rye-Places - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Places to eat in Rye

Los Gringos

Is about 8 minutes walk from Saltcote Place

Located at 7 Rye high street this is a fun place to eat with family and friends.

The food and service is excellent, we eat there a lot and love it.

globe Inn Marsh-Pubs-in-Rye

The Globe A real foodie pub

Is about 5 to 6 minutes walk from Saltcote Place walking down point hill onto Rye hill then turn left before the bridge.

Amazing pub opened in April 2014 with rave reviews, Rustic classical pub appearance with outstanding food, friendly atmosphere, local beers and wines – popular with couples and mature guests. dont expect to see a juke box or pool table here – it’s classy – You cannot make a reservation for under 6 diners.

Great pub in Rye more suited to grown ups

Simply Italian restaurant Rye close to East Sussex Wedding venue Saltcote Place

Simply Italian Restaurant

Is about 12 minutes walk from Saltcote Place

This family friendly Rye restaurant is a short walk from Saltcote Place, – Really good atmosphere well presented and well cooked authentic Italian food, this is a very relaxed and family friendly place, the restaurant is usually very well attended, you can have a good meal for two with change from £25 for two including wine and Beer. Expect it to be noisy it’s a fun place. Tel 01797 226024

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Black Lion Pub Appledore close to East Sussex Wedding venue Saltcote Place

Black Lion Pub & food

Is about 8 minutes drive from Saltcote Place

The food is always as fresh as can be and well presented. This is not a “boil in the bag” pub offering the usual “pub grub” it’s a really nice treat without breaking the bank. From Saltcote place it’s left, left and left again, only a 10 minute drive to get there, based in Appledore. Plenty of parking and space for groups by arrangement. The Black Lion is on Tel 01233 758206.

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Playden oasts Pub Rye close to East Sussex Wedding venue Saltcote Place

Playden Oasts Pub & food

Is about 10 minutes walk from Saltcote Place

Only about 500 yards from Saltcote Place out of the drive turn right and keep going past the brow of the hill where you will see the Oasts. Traditional English food although they also speak French and Italian here. Children are welcome and a good hearty meal with local Sussex Ales will be enjoyed by all. Call 01797 223502.

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Ypres Castle Rye close to East Sussex Wedding venue Saltcote Place

Ypres Inn Pub & food

Is about 10 minutes walk from Saltcote Place

The Ypres is located just to the rear of the Gun Gardens, which is a short walk from Saltcote Place, they offer really nicely presented food at a good price, they have live music very often on a Friday and Saturday, it’s a young crowd and children are welcome. You can call them on 01797 223248

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Robin hood Pub Icklesham

Robin Hood Pub & food

Is about 12 minutes drive from Saltcote Place.

Only a short and rewarding drive from Rye you will find the Robin Hood, dripping with character, stuffed full of local beers, interesting wines and one of the most delightful Menu’s. hops hang from the Oak beamed ceilings whilst the cosy bar gives way to at least an 80 seat restaurant, full most nights with locals this is well worth putting on your list. The pub is family owned and popular, well worth having another drink whilst you enjoy the short wait. Call 01424.814277

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Kings Head Rye

Kings Head Pub & food

Is about 3 or 4 minutes walk from Saltcote Place.

Only a few hundred yards from Saltcote Place, under new management Lisa and Steve have a wealth of experience and as well as the food being very reasonably priced it is also really good quality, and the service will delight you. Call 0797 225962

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Queens Head Rye

The Queens Pub & food

Is about 4 to 5 minutes walk from Saltcote Place.

Family-friendly popular Pub with live music more often than not, extremely popular with the younger crowd

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