Rye Town Hall Weddings -
Rye Town hall Weddings and Saltcote Place is the ideal combination if you want great views, lots of open space and somewhere safe for the children. We are 5 minutes from the Town Hall.
Rye Town hall Weddings, The George Inn Rye, Rye Weddings
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Rye Town Hall Weddings

Rye Town hall Weddings and The George Inn Rye
Rye Town Hall Weddings

Rye Town Hall Weddings

Rye Town Hall Weddings can be a lot of fun, located just a short walk from Saltcote Place which is also in Rye. 

Rye Town Hall is a public building on the part cobbled one way system within Rye, it is not uncommon to have multiple weddings a day there mixed in with the bustle of a nice busy citadel.

Saltcote Place was able to rescue a lot of Weddings from the flames of the George hotel in Rye as we are a very short walk from Rye Town Hall, we can actually see Rye Town hall from Saltcote Place.

As a consequence Saltcote Place became an even more popular Rye Wedding venue. Many of these Wedding Guests have returned many times to Celebrate at Saltcote Place for their family gatherings and private functions. 

The reality is that you can have the most amazing wedding at Rye Town Hall or St Mary’s Church or St Michaels Church and then come and party at Saltcote Place.

Saltcote Place have no restrictions placed on us by the local authority for our music volumes other than ones we have agreed with out couples, in the warm summer months it is nice that our Guests can walk in the extensive gardens and enjoy the fresh air with the windows open, something not always possible with all venues. 

There are many options to bring your guests from Rye Town Hall to Saltcote Place.