Save the Date Wedding Invitations - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Save the Date Wedding Invitations

Save the date wedding invitations

Save the Date Wedding Invitations

Save the Date Wedding Invitations
540 Days from now may sound like a lot, 18 months passes very quickly and that’s about the average time between finding your venue and the day of your Celebration.

Your friends may well be planning their wedding for the same time frame so you need to get your dates into the diary of your guests as soon as possible.

Save some money on postage

With 120 guests just the postage is going to exceed £100 and then the formal invitations you could be spending another £250 with printing costs.

How about deciding which of your guests could receive a digital save the date and who needs the paper version?

The added advantage of this method is that catering options such as dietary needs are easily captured making it easy for your catering team to see who has allergies.

Adding a Vcard or meeting date will also update the Diary on the guests mobile device and outlook.

Remember to make it clear how important these people are to your celebration. Not showing up at a Wedding is not only rude it’s really expensive. Save the Date Wedding Invitations can be worded in such a way that nice people understand the investment you are making.

A nice way to make to point could be to mention you and your partner will be laying on great food, plenty of drink and the facilities we have chosen are based on the number of guests. You will find your way to phrase this in your Save the Date Wedding Invitations.