Guests at Saltcote Place - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Drive at Saltcote Place

How to find us

We hope this is useful and contributes toward your enjoyment whilst visiting us.


You may have heard we are a private home and not a hotel, as such we only offer the facility to get married here less than 12 times a year.


We are at the top of Rye Hill TN31 7NR. Our nearest pub is the Kings Head located at the end of Saltcote Lane. As you enter the lane the road forks to the left toward the house.


This image is the first you will see of Saltcote Place, there is really nothing to see from the outside.

Thank you for helping us keep the grass looking good.

We will be asking Guests to park on the right as you come down the lane, signage is in place for this purpose WHEN WE HAVE AN EVENT.


When we are not hosting an event if you arrive please do not go on the grase but try the reverse gear 😉 Click on the image to watch the video on youtube, unfortunately some cars are not equipped with a reverse gear which is most unfortunate as our CCTV works 24 x 7 and captures some lovely close up images as well as the number plates.


Most people understand that driving on the grass is unlikely to improve the appearance. We hope you don’t mind us mentioning it.


The image of the top vehicle has been reduced in resolution to hide the details. In reality it’s as clear as your TV at home 😉

The second image sat for 5 minutes with us in the front door waiving them in with a bright flash lamp and still turned on the grass.


We are a private home not a commercial venue.

Please keep off the Grass
Keep off the Grass

We are close to the town

Saltcote Place has two entrances one of which is pedestrian and offers a short walk into town.


This image was taken by Clive Sawyer from our Roof and shows the proximity  of Saltcote Place to Rye. Clive has a shop in the High street with some lovely images of the area.


You will be able to walk into the town in about 7 minutes whilst staying here.


Our access statement will answer many questions see


If you want to ask a question or make a suggestion then we invite you to get in touch using the contact form below.  Please do mention the function you are attending.

Create a three day event.

We have some lovely places to eat and stay in the area. If you are not staying here then try some of these places. Mention Saltcote so they know we care as well.


The Kings Head Pub with accommodation 01797 225962
The Playden Oasts Pub with accommodation 01797 223502
The Globe In Marsh Pub with accommodation 01797 225220
The Devil In Rye Fusion Restaurant 01797 226115
The Tuscan Kitchen Italian 01797 223269
Simply Italian 01797 226024


House rules that may be of value
Biodegradable confetti is welcome, Glitter cannons cannot be used at all, they contain non biodegradable slivers of polythene which last forever and stain anything they touch. Using these or non biodegradable materials will result in a cleaning bill for the people who invited you.

Bringing your own drinks will result in a corkage fee

Saltcote Lane has two footpaths that cross it so it is not uncommon the see children and dogs on the lane.

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