Wedding Packages - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Wedding Packages

Wedding Packages

Wedding packages are a simple way for a wedding venue to get you interested, however they are not an indication of the real cost you end up paying or the experience you will receive. 

Packages are best left to DHL, DPD and the post office, the idea of a “Package” for your wedding should start alarm bells ringing for the reasons set out below and before you ask we do not offer packages at Saltcote Place, we simply see what you want, explain what we have and then agree the terms.

Gold, Silver and Bronze, Deluxe, Contemporary, Basic, Silk, Ivory or whatever they call it you will probably end up with significant extra hidden costs for the following reasons.

Why venues use “Packages” 
It’s an uncomplicated way for the venue to explain to ever changing staff what facilities are available within price bands. It is also a way to give ideas to young couples who may lack the experience of selecting specific elements for their big day.

When the venue lists what’s included then at the same time it also sets out what is precluded so what happens when your guests ask for more drinks or you run out of canapes? These situations are either extras you end up paying for or your guests are told a curt no.

Make sure you avoid extras appearing on your bill at the point of checkout which is typically 9am the next day.
“We include 2 glasses of whatever at the reception”
“We include half a bottle of wine at the wedding breakfast”
“We include three canapes per adult guest”  

Your food will be from a set menu, the drinks will be cheap house wine whilst the staff you meet and feel comfortable with are probably being paid national minimum wage and may not be there when it comes to your turn on their wedding conveyor belt.  

Extras & Upgrades could extend to things you really thought would have been included such as enough food, enough drink, sufficient parking, someone to talk to as your designated point of contact. Lighting and heating, somewhere to get ready and of course exclusive use.   

When your guests ask for more drinks the staff will generally carry on supplying so you end up with “Extras” and a far higher cost than you anticipated.

There is another way. 
You will be working with the owners as such we care about the celebrations we take on and it becomes personal.

Your catering team at Saltcote Place will provide enough canapes to leave your guests feeling replete, forget 3 or 5 or 6 canapes, it’s a case of they cost very little so let’s keep them coming. The food will be exactly what you requested and will be served how you prefer. 

Wines from around the World or local selections can adorn the tables, there will be no packages only preferences.

Elegant Accommodation is included for our couples who can anticipate a leisurely departure usually after they have said a relaxed goodbye to their guests.  

If your event requires a marquee then we have three choices.
Our own marquee measuring 6m x 9m ideal for up to 40 guests or a choice of suppliers who will create something more bespoke that will include the catering facilities and dance space.

Do you seriously want wedding packages?

Everything is possible, let’s have a chat on 01797 222220