Weddings and social distancing – Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Weddings & Social Distancing

A few thoughts you may wish to consider

Covid Testing

Ask every guest to arrange to have had a Covid-19 test in the 7 days prior to your celebration.

Table Grouping

Bubbles and groups of family, try to arrange tables inline with the concept of Bubbles. If the guests have been in close contact with each other in the weeks prior to your celebration consider placing them on the same tables and areas

Indoor or outdoor Ceremony ?

Consider Masks for the indoor services unless the service can be held outside

Food Presentation at the table

Current advice 26-6-20 says that table service is all that is allowed. We feel this advice will change once the Govt re-consider this a Buffet service by table will also be allowed before some of the other options.

Silver Service – slower more intense service, requires more staff in closer proximity to guests for longer periods.

Family Service – Vegetables are already on the table and main dishes are served to the table and collected as needed although Guests serve their own vegetables.

Self Service – a Buffet style service where guests are called up table at a time to help them selves to some items whilst other elements are served by the staff.

BBQ – often outside or within close proximity to a marquee


This can be the highest degree of risk time if social spacing is not taken into consideration.

Remote Guests

Not everyone will be able to attend or may prefer to attend via an online experience.

Risk Assessments

We have a risk assessment template that we will be referring to and adapting for each Celebration. We recommend you also consider the risks and ways to minimise the risk to your friends and family and the staff who will be working hard to help you have a great Celebration.


This is not currently permitted as it would be under the 1m rule.