Weddings Insurance and Deposits - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Weddings Insurance and Deposits

Weddings Insurance and Deposits

Weddings Insurance
As a venue we have always recommended Weddings insurance, there are are a number of such suppliers in the market and certainly is one of the better ones.

There are different types of cover
“No show of suppliers or vendors- The caterers for the wedding being unable to provide the service for or at your wedding due to an outbreak of infectious disease at their premises.”

If your venue contacts you to announce they are closing down or cancel your wedding or wedding reception or for some other reason are unable to host your wedding due to an outbreak of infectious or contagious disease or if the government puts a ban on events taking place, you may well be covered.

Wedding Plan Insurance, state “If your immediate family falls sick due to Coronavirus infection. If you or close relatives, that are formally diagnosed with COVID-19 which is evidenced by a GP or medical practitioner, you can make a claim under the cancellation or rearrangement section. ”

It depends on your Policy and the terms within it.
At Saltcote Place we have in the past avoided the term deposits in favour of “Options” there is a difference which is clarity.
Deposits have generally used by Venues to obtain commitment from Couples so that the Venue can take the reserved dates offline and there for unavailable to others. The Venue will generally use part of the deposit to fund items happening prior to your wedding. This is how business works.

At Saltcote Place we do not use Deposits, instead you purchase the Option of us reserving the property for your use on a specific date for a set purpose. This means we are committed to you and we are unable to take on another event during the period defined in your “Option”.

Venue Cancels

If the Venue cancel your event then you are due to receive back your deposit,

Couple Cancel

if however you cancel your event then it is common practice that a refund of a deposit would not be due since it was your decision to cancel.

Frustrated Contract
This happens when for example you are up to date with your instalments and then without notice the Govt say your Wedding could not go ahead. Most couples will speak with the venue and arrange another date. In our own case we had 4 Weddings all decide on a later date.
In the case of a Frustrated Contract it is still common practice for all parties to try and work together to reach a compromise.

The CMA didn’t help couples

When Covid first happened the CMA issued guidance which was legally flawed as determined in a few instances, it transpires it’s all down to being “normal and reasonable” effectively the venue have the right to remove from any refunded deposit reasonable operating costs that have been incurred such a heating, lighting, staff, maintenance, marketing costs and of course time spent on your prior attendance.

Roll Over

Most Couples remain committed and in love regardless of the impact of Covid. Rearranging the date to another time can work to the advantage of everyone. More time to plan, perhaps a larger budget of better suppliers. Never lose sight of the fact it’s a Celebration not a conference but also give some thought to the possibility that some people may not be there on the day so spending time with those people and involving them in the planning could make all the difference.