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Why appointments are essential

We are a private home, not a hotel, as such there is no reception, because we do not have staff it means we cannot see anyone without an appointment.

To arrange a convenient time to come over and view please call us on 01797 222220

We want to show you around, we want to hear about your plans as well. Unfortunately some people arrive without an appointment, drive all over the grass and wonder why it is not convenient for us to stop what we are doing and chat. The reality is we are doing this because it's fun, where possible we like to keep it that way.

In 2017 we had the best time helping 7 couples create perfect celebrations, two of them were married here. One couple from Germany held their 25th Wedding anniversary here.

We had a fire here on the 20th of April - the work will be completed mid February re-opening March 2018
This did not prevent us delivering the most amazing Celebrations, the fire did not impact the accommodation or those parts of the house used in a Celebration.

Our last Celebration for 2017 was on the 28th of October we are now working on some pretty amazing renovations, there will be a new Ballustrade at the rear, new suites will be created and former accommodation is all going to be upgraded. This means that we will still be inviting couples to see our home but perhaps on the day you visit you may not be able to see all of the accommodation or perhaps there may be some workers here.

Another reason why we ask for an appointment is to retain a sense of calm order to our lives and those we engage with.

Since the images below were captured in 2004 we invested in a new drive, security upgrades including a state of the art CCTV system. We would like to thank the vast majority of really nice people for helping us keep Saltcote Place looking so good.

As you enter Saltcote Lane all number plates are captured twice by CCTV, before you reach the furthest end of the drive near the house the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Registration system) has logged full details of the vehicle and then some. Our system then monitors the line of the drive as shown below.

Most people can find the reverse gear, sadly some people cannot. But nice people do not arrive without an appointment and drive over the lawns. It ruins it for others. Day and night the registration numbers are automatically captured and we are notified each time a vehicle returns. Driving on the grass in December will still pop up and alert us when attending as a guest in the summer.

The system actively alerts us when people cross the line, not everyone knows when they cross the line so this may help.

We host less than 12 Weddings each year by choice, all we are looking for is nice people. Arriving without an appointment will always result in a wasted journey and could cause embarrassment when asked to leave at a later date. There is nothing to see from the outside.

Scores of very discrete CCTV cameras work 24 hours a day. Each one capable of seeing in the dark and offering "really" close up details, including faces.

Some people understand the term "Exclusive", we look forward to hearing from you.

To reach the point below you already passes three ANPR cameras. These images were taken with 540 TVL we now use 1080P HD - we only publish low res images online

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