Getting married in style – Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Getting married in style

Wedding Fireworks in East Sussex

Getting married in style

If know someone who is getting married then never forget that weddings can be quite complicated and sometimes expensive. Even if it’s a small covid mindful wedding held in a church followed by a reception and if lucky a honeymoon, there is a lot of planning and costs involved. Couples can cut those costs in half and save on all the time and frustration of planning a wedding by cutting out the waste..

Weddings that are held in a vacation location such as Rye in East Sussex, typically away from the couple’s home town, are sometimes called destination weddings. In the recent years, these destination weddings have been increasing in popularity.

Some destination weddings involve couples eloping to an adventurous and exciting location which in times of Covid is not going to happen, while others choose to invite a few close family and friends to celebrate with them and in some cases the couple elope!

Many couples find themselves these days saving money by planning a very small and intimate celebration with less than the Covid 15 limit.

There are so many beautiful locations in different parts of the world but with great accommodation and a venue who get behind your plans there is no need to break the bank.

Creating the perfect wedding is not easy; the hardest part of getting married is choosing the Venue, we believe that if you read the reviews we have on TripAdvisor and filter on the word “Weddings” you will be pleased to have found the venue of your dreams.