Respect – Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
Saltcote Place Respect for Neighbours is detailed in this page. We welcome any feedback from Neighbours on how we can improve the way we work with you.
Saltcote Place Respect for Neighbours
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Dear Neighbours

We hope this page helps you to know how we operate and that it helps all parties to understand the way we would like to work with you whilst not causing anyone any concerns or inconvenience where possible.

We run around 8 to 10 events each year where more than 20 Guests are invited, in addition we offer limited and selective guest accommodation. We appreciate the way our neighbours engage with us and recognise the benefit of having a well run large house for a neighbour instead of the alternative which could probably be less welcome.

We strive to take on board all reasonable requests and considerations so that we can all get along, we hope the detail here will help you see that we are interested in your opinion and welcome all positive open engagement.

Each supplier to Saltcote Place is welcomed with an email which sets out how we want them to engage, we make it clear that we do not want our neighbours caused any inconvenience  Instructions for suppliers here

Next Function with Marquee Music – 15th and 16th of July 2022

Throughout all events we will have signage encouraging guests to leave their cars overnight so as to avoid any drink driving. We have signage asking visitors to leave quietly and considerately at 5mph or lower. All visitors will have been made aware of the need to park considerately. Parking instructions here

We love all animals and also understand the concerns of parents with regard to unannounced or excessive fireworks. We do not allow “Maroon” fireworks, these are typically extremely loud, we prefer to focus on a good visual display.

We will permit up to 6 Fireworks events each year. They will always be over before 22:30hrs and will always have been announced more than three times on Facebook, in addition we notify a great many people; if you know someone who should be on the list please let them know about this option. We hope this allows you to make the most suitable arrangements.

If you would like to be added to a list of those we individually notify about Fireworks please email we will never disclose your email address to anyone.

Our Next Event with Fireworks
None currently planned however any event would start at a time we would publish on our Facebook page  and would end before 22:30 As always we will give advance notice on social media for any event with Fireworks.

Our Event timings
We require all events to limit the noise incrementally from 23:30 onwards and for music to be almost inaudible from midnight outside of the grounds.
Our setup team will typically setup the marquee a couple of days before the event and will usually take everything away the day after.
A sound check is usually performed between 12:00 and 14:00 on the day.

Noise and how we manage it
Music In the past we have always directed the speakers in our marquees in a southerly direction over the cliff and away from our neighbours. In 2022 we purchased a “Zone array” speaker system which uses highly directional speakers aimed directly down onto the dance floor. This will reduce significantly not only the base tones associated with an event but also reduce the volume that is required at the point of delivery.

Noise when leaving We have signage at the gate on the inside asking people to respect our neighbours with regard to noise and speed.

At all times we control how alcohol is delivered and have a zero tolerance with regard to excess consumption and unacceptable behaviour.

Those who engage with us have accepted our terms and conditions  Terms and Conditions. Guests who book Saltcote Place understand the importance we place on having good relations with our neighbours.
All alcohol is always served, we never allow self service. Our team will not allow any drinks soft or otherwise to leave the grounds.

Dispersal routine after events
We always encourage guests to leave quietly and with the utmost respect for our neighbours, taxis will be in the drive returning guests to other local accommodation.

To ensure guests can leave efficiently we encourage “Carriages to be available from 23:30 for a 23:59 close”. We usually have a selection of transport options waiting at the end of the function which includes a minibus and taxis.

Chinese Lanterns
Are not allowed, we live in a rural community and these things cause considerable injuries to livestock and represent an unreasonable risk to farmland and thatched properties.