Supplier Assistance - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Supplier Assistance

Saltcote Suppliers are looked after because we want you to give our Couples the best possible experience.


When attending Saltcote Place, we will ensure you have all that you need to present your product or service at its very best.

We would ask that you email or phone us before the day to indicate your estimated time of arrival, even on the day a courtesy phone call to 01797 222220 just prior to arrival will be appreciated and will ensure you have the access and resources you need.


Once you have setup, we will ask that your vehicles are moved outside of the gates asap, this is to assist other suppliers as there may be limited space. We will be available later to ensure you can return for breakdown so you can get away promptly and by parking as requested we will ensure you are able to get away promptly.


We have two wide wheel trolleys to assist you moving any equipment. Please do not drive any vehicles onto the grass within the gated area without first obtaining permission from the owners in person. Speed must at all times be very slow as there is a public right of way down Saltcote Lane and could be Guests within the grounds.


Parking in the Drive
The intention is to leave the drive clear for great images, for this reason cars will be parked behind the line of trees. Spaces at the front will be reserved for suppliers who may need to leave early. No Vehicles must park on the shaded area shown on where to park. Please do not drive onto our lawns once inside the gate. The postcode for Saltcote is TN31 7NR


Music – DJ – Band
All speakers MUST face out toward the coast and at a downward angle so that if you were projecting light it would not extend directly past the edge of the garden.

Having a “Line array” speaker system is a distinct advantage as they direct the music onto the dance floor from above. This provides a quality sound on the dance floor in a controlled manner and does not impact the neighbours.

Noise levels. We have hosted functions for over ten years, this is our home and we know how to make a celebration work.

We determine what is acceptable with regard to noise levels. Our amplified music suppliers understand there will be people who did not travel thousands of miles to listen to you, they may also want to speak with each other occasionally.

You must engage and respect the rules with regard noise and base levels or you will be unplugged.

Please see “risk mitigation” below and the image of the marquee layout.


Setup applies to all suppliers
All equipment needs to be setup and tested before the event starts. You will usually be in a Marquee.

Breakdown applies to all suppliers unless specifically agreed with us before hand. 
The marquee will be in a state with personal or high value items in there. No supplier without exception will have access to the grounds until 12:00 the following day to ensure the facilities have been cleared of personal possessions and alcohol is cleared away.
Fridge – Cold Room
Needs to be in position BEFORE the marquee goes up.
Please park the freezer away from the Yew Hedge by around 1ft to 18 inches and around 10 feet back from the leading edge of the marquee so the fridge is obscured by the marquee.

This will leave space between the fridge and the marquee for catering gas bottles and pedestrian access for the catering team. When you drive off please try to cause the least amount of tyre marks in the lawn.

Marquee Layout
This is the anticipated marquee layout depending on the layout.

27m Marquee laying east to west

24m Marquee
Base and Volume
Excessive base or volume is not the sign of a good performance. We will ask for adjustments if in our opinion we feel anything is excessive. Remember your sound check in an empty space will require lower base levels when guests arrive as the treble will be absorbed by the guests.


At the close of play, we would ask that you make an announcement along these lines – “Thanks to Saltcote Place for having us, hope you have enjoyed yourselves. When you leave please leave quietly and considerately to respect the lovely neighbours. And don’t forget you can leave your cars here until 13:00 tomorrow at your own risk of course.


Risk mitigation near the dance floor
Flat surfaces near the dance floor – Speakers, candy bar, photo booth etc.

We will not permit any flat surfaces in close proximity to the dance floor that could be used to stand glasses on which could smash. Thank you for helping us reduce the risk of injury from broken glass. Items such as speakers must have an angled top to prevent drinks being placed on them or be placed in an elevated position which is preferable.

Drinks are not permitted on the dance floor, please alert all staff and guests if glass is seen on the dance floor.

Changing Facilities for musicians and performers
There is no “green room” if you require changing facilities please use the toilets provided. Some event organizers will arrange for a separate restroom so you can relax when not performing and other performers have used the Pub at the end of the drive to unwind. The house is not able to provide this facility but will endeavour to look after you as best we can.


Mains power in the marquee
We have provided a 63Amp Ceeform supply to the marquee. Please provide evidence of PAT testing if you intend to plug anything in.


Photography and Video
We have a complete set of all images for each event we have hosted, your attendance is on the understanding that we will receive a full set of your images. We recognize the value of the skill and undertake not to release or publish them without the relevant permissions and will always ensure you receive full credit.


Insurance applies to all suppliers
Public liability, professional indemnity etc should be emailed prior to arrival to without it you will not be permitted to work here.


Catering for suppliers
Our catering team will have a list provided by your instructing party that explains who is being fed and with which meal. We will have a copy of this. We assume you have already made arrangements about your catering with the organizer of the event. Once the Guests have been fed we will come and find you, please do not enter the catering facilities at any time.


Breakdown at close of play
Nothing is to be taken down when Guests are present unless specifically authorized by Paul or Alan. There must be no supplier vehicle movements until guests have left or someone is walking in front of your vehicle as an escort.

Please leave any marquee by the shortest possible route and do not walk through guests where possible. Next day removals may be dependent upon the marquee which often comes down early the day after an event. You are responsible for the well being of your equipment, so good communications with us are essential.


We will ensure you have access in to aide with setup and breakdown, your parking will be in the same area as the Guests as shown here to ensure you are able to get away when ready


Please stay under 5mph in the drive as there are two public footpaths exiting onto the drive where dogs and children could “suddenly appear” we have lovely neighbours and are keen to keep it that way. Be aware that CCTV does cover the full extent of the drive.


Hair and Makeup
You will probably arrive around breakfast time. Please call just before arrival, we can then come out and bring you into the house. We will carry your equipment up the stairs for you ( to protect our walls ). In the main bridal preparation suite you will find an elegant 4ft x 3ft table that you can use for your equipment. Please protect the table if you are placing a trolley or lighting box on there. Either side of the table are two double 13amp sockets within 20 inches of the table.

There is a long tall mirror on a stand adjacent to the table but there is no mirror on the table as often we find hair and makeup have their own equipment. In the event of any spills please let us know so we can deal with it as soon as possible.


Cakes, Flowers and cold storage
In the event you need cold storage please let us know in advance as the basement is an option. We also have a tall chilling cabinet for bottles. On the day please call prior to arrival to ensure we can give you the access you need.


Finally Social Media
We want to make sure you get the exposure you deserve, please be sure to get your preferred #hashtags and FB pages to us in good time so we can reciprocate after the event. we use @saltcoteplace and #saltcoteplace #saltcoteweddings

Backlinks are important, once you let us know we are on your website we will reciprocate here