Destination Wedding - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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External view of East Sussex Wedding venue in Rye

Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a wedding that takes place in a location that is not home to either the bride or the groom or their families. Be wary of selecting one too far away as the financial impact on your family could be significant once you add in the cost of travel and accommodation. This is especially true for overseas Weddings.

There are clear advantages to having a destination wedding. One of the important advantages is the ability to have a everything under one roof. Having your service, Reception as well as your accommodation at the same location can be a deal breaker.

At Saltcote Place we will go above and beyond that which you had anticipated to ensure that from the first meet and greet for your guests to the moment you waive them off before having another glass of champagne your stay here will be memorable.

The couple may also opt to have their wedding in the same location as the honeymoon which will start immediately after the wedding.

Another advantage to a destination wedding is that if you choose to honeymoon or Mini moon in the same location you will already be at your honeymoon location once your Wedding breakfast ends thus saving a lot of costs.

You may well receive a discount on your honeymoon or mini-moon stay because you have already had your wedding at the location.

Couples may choose a location that they have always wanted to visit for the location of their destination wedding or choose a destination because of the reputation of the Wedding venue.

The following are a few tips for turning your destination wedding into a fun-filed extended weekend for your guests.

The location of your wedding can play a key role in the style of your wedding. Some couples opt for a ceremony at a church followed by a reception at the venue, in our case we are around 400 yards from St Michaels CofE church.

With the anticipated change of the law about getting married outside and other than in a licensed room we also anticipate it will be possible to get married outside on the cliff edge. For smaller more intimate celebrations we can also offer an indoor Wedding or Civil Ceremony and have the Wedding breakfast in the house.

It depends on what you are seeking in a wedding location such as ambiance, seating capacity, a dance floor or anything else that you require.

Rye in East Sussex is a popular destination for weddings due in part to its location and being just under an hour from London.

The lure of a Rye wedding is that we are an ancient medieval town with so much character at every possible turn.

Everyone loves Rye, in fact it remains one of the most visited small towns in East Sussex.

Plenty of alternative guest accommodation in the town only a short walk from the high street means that Saltcote Place is in demand in the summer months for the larger Weddings.

Your Guests can choose to stay in a Windmill, a listed ancient building, or a modern hotel with a swimming pool and sauna.

Maximum occupancy at the venue is another important consideration when choosing the perfect wedding location.

Everyone wants to feel the intimacy of the moment and a small wedding venue can deliver this is in spades. Although a small wedding venue compared to London venues we can still hold 250 guests in a fabulous wedding marquee.

With intimacy comes synergy, choose a wedding venue with too much space or a marquee larger than you need and you “Rattle”, invite too many guests to a venue space that cannot manage and you have another problem.

At Saltcote Place we adjust the facilities to match your exact requirements and if we cannot deliver perfection we will say so at the outset.

Our smallest Wedding was absolutely beautiful, the lovely couple invited two witnesses ( yes it was us) the Celebrant of course and Mum was on the Ipad from Denver, that’s it.  If you are planning a small wedding with only a handful of close friends and family members then you will probably have the best time ever.

Choosing the perfect location for your wedding may seem like an impossible task, be sure to visit the ones that excite you, any prices that are discussed are totally irrelevant until you have seen what that includes.

Only visiting venues that meet these criteria will greatly reduce the number of locations that you need to visit.

Of course we hope that you give us a call about coming to see us at Saltcote Place in Rye.

You can also contact this small destination wedding venue here