Small Wedding Venues -
Small Wedding venues in east sussex with amazing reviews it has to be Saltcote Place in Rye
Small Wedding venues
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Small Wedding Venues

Small Wedding Venues

On 11th May 2024 we hosted a Wedding for 198 guests in a spectacular Marquee. 4 weeks earlier we were the witnesses when our Couple from Hastings were married by the Registration Service.

A Small Wedding venue could simply mean they have the ability to be intimate to craft the space you need so that it feel like a small Wedding Venue.

Small wedding venues often hold surprises beyond your expectations.

Privately owned, these venues cherish your special day as much as you do. It’s personal.

Unlike some venues owned by distant investors or large hotel chains, where directors remain faceless, small venues offer a personal touch. You deserve to feel at ease when inviting loved ones to this unforgettable celebration.

Here are some key tips for finding the perfect small wedding venue:

  1. Trust Your Instincts:
    • Pay attention to the initial vibe. Did you feel welcomed and cherished? Could you envision the venue as your own for the day?
  2. Be Methodical:
    • This is where you’ll exchange vows with your beloved. Ensure there’s ample local accommodation and space for everyone to revel.
  3. Take Your Time:
    • Don’t rush. Avoid venues that pressure you with urgency. Book at your own pace, except for crucial dates.
  4. Size Matters:
    • Match the venue size to your guest count and budget.
  5. Details Count:
    • Consider factors like the size of the dance floor, parking, restrictions, and if the venue don’t have preferred suppliers then perhaps for them “anything will do”.
  6. Leverage Technology:
    • Use social media or a website to keep guests in the loop.
  7. Choose Suppliers Wisely:
    • Reliable suppliers ensure a seamless celebration. Trust the venue if they have a good reputation.

Remember, the journey should be as enjoyable as the destination. If you haven’t explored Saltcote Place, it might be worth a look.

Size is pivotal. An excessively large venue risks losing intimacy, while a small marquee within a spacious setting can strike the perfect balance.

Have a guest count in mind to avoid undue influence. This is your celebration.

Designate ample dance space to keep the party lively and safe. Avoid placing drinks near the dance floor.

Consider venue logistics and restrictions, from parking to noise levels. Accessibility is crucial for all guests.

Finally, consult with the venue about any preferred contractors. Their experience can prevent mishaps, ensuring your day is flawless.

At Saltcote Place, we offer two licensed rooms for ceremonies and the gardens offer a variety of placed for an outside ceremony with spectacular views.

We can accommodate up to 14 guests in the house.

For larger gatherings, our marquee can host up to 250 guests, and our catering team promises to dazzle.

Note: Between March and November, indoor wedding breakfasts are limited to guests over 35.