Small Wedding Venues – Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Intimate Wedding venue under an hour from London in Rye

Small Wedding Venues

Small Wedding Venues can often deliver a lot more than you would expect.

A small wedding venue is far more likely to be owned privately, as such there is a high probability your Wedding is going to be as important to the owner as it is to you.

Is it personal?

With some small wedding venues this may not be the case for example where the owners are simply investors. With some of the larger hotel chains where Directors will never meet you they are answerable to investors and shareholders and will be paying others staff to be nice to you.

You need to be happy relaxed and confident enough to invite family and friends to that magical intimate Wedding venue for what is probably the most memorable night of your life.

Here are some tips that may just lead you to the best ever small wedding venue.

Trust your instincts.

As soon as you arrive how does it feel, did you feel the welcome was warm and genuine, does the home feel as though it could be made to feel as though it’s your “home for the day”

If you feel a certain positive vibration about the owners and the venue then that’s a good start. In the same way, you will know automatically if a certain venue is not right for you and your wedding.

Be logical when choosing a wedding venue. It’s the place where you will exchange vows with the person you love. Will your guests have enough local accommodation and space to enjoy themselves.

Take your time. 
Don’t allow yourself to be “Closed” never rush when choosing the perfect intimate wedding venue.

Avoid the Small Wedding Venues who try to close you on the day or pressures you with repeated phone calls and tales of limited availability. If it’s right for you then you can book at your leisure in most cases apart from key dates.

Ideally, you should start looking for a venue at least a year before the wedding date, longer than this and you risk over prepping and could lose sight of the fun and the passion.

Size matters

The size of your wedding venue and the space you hire will depend on the number of your guests. and the amount of your budget.

Number of Guests

Be as precise as possible. You cannot say that you’re planning to invite from 80 to 150 guests. The 70 person difference would matter a lot in terms of the venue size and your food and beverage costs would escalate considerably.

Knowing the restrictions of the venue in advance will help you when making the selection.

Dance floor
Parking at the Wedding Venue
Any restrictions
Preferred Suppliers

Technology and Social media

Use social media or perhaps a website to keep your guests up to date about your plans so they can make arrangements for their visit.

Organising your Wedding should be lots of fun you you. It will certainly be lots of hard work for your suppliers, make sure your suppliers have an impeccable track record and check there are no gaps between where one supplier stops and the next one starts.

Anything that’s allowed to fall between the cracks is going to cause stress on the day.

Overall relax and enjoy yourselves; the journey should be as much fun as the destination and if in your search for Small Wedding Venues you have not seen Saltcote Place yet then perhaps we should have a chat.

The size of the venue is a very important consideration. If the venue is too large, the wedding could lose its intimacy. If it’s too big, there will be no intimacy and perhaps some guests end up spending far too much time in the bar instead of on the dance floor. Having a large venue with a small marquee could be a viable solution.

Before looking for a wedding have a rough idea of how many guests you will be planning to invite. Avoid allowing the in-laws and the out-laws from telling you who to invite – it’s your Celebration, they had theirs years ago.


Leave plenty of space for the dance area without it cluttering up the tables or the bar. The more guests you have, the larger space you need to allot for the dance area. Do not allow the DJ and Band take up the dance floor. Avoid having flat surfaces for drinks to be placed next to the dance area. Broken glasses and bare feet are not a goof memory of a Wedding.

The area and restrictions

Check the parking space especially if it’s a venue in a quirky little market town or somewhere remote. A frequent complaint is the lack of parking nearby space or the need to walk 2 miles uphill over cobbles. Make sure disabilities are looked after, tomorrow any one of your current guests may need easier access.

– Do they have to close all the windows by 22:30 to keep the neighbours happy?
– Do they require a set number of rooms in the noisiest locations to protect  their other non wedding guests.
– Is there a premium for exclusive use ?
– Will the bottled water be charged as an extra the day after ? 120 guests  x £3.50 a bottle x 2 is £840 to have to find the day after.
– Late checkout – The venue may want to charge for a checkout after 09:30
– Own music – spotify or other restriction
– Decorations – will they give you access the day before at no cost ?
– Wifi
– What time is close

Small Wedding Venue owners can be more flexible if they feel your request is reasonable.

If the venue have preferred contractors and suppliers do this for good reason. They have seen many more events than you have and know what can go wrong. If your supplier screws up it’s the reputation of the venue that will carry the blame.

When you eventually find the perfect small Wedding venue for your celebration don’t be afraid to use some technology.
A Google doc with you in control but others seeing the plan can help your team to get behind your plan.

TripAdvisor, Facebook, Yelp, Qype and many other sites will let you see what others thought about their experience at the venue.

At Saltcote Place we have two licensed rooms and can seat up 74 for the Ceremony in the house and you can get married in the garden subject to some very simple precautions.

A Marquee in the garden can be for up to 250 guests and our catering team will astound and delight you and your guests.

For indoor Wedding breakfast we have an age restriction of over 40’s between March and November.