Outdoor Wedding Venue – Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Outdoor Wedding Venue

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Outdoor Wedding Venue opportunities are great when you get it right, not everyone understands what’s needed to host your Wedding outdoors.

The law changed during Covid so that we can offer you a variety of outside options in addition to indoors whilst drinks and nibbles are on hand to keep everyone happy and comfortable.

Be flexible and consider all options even the best laid plans could benefit from a good plan B. We have our own small marquee suitable for up to 60 guests and the receptions rooms open onto the formal lawns at the rear of the house where you can enjoy far reaching views.

As this is our home we pride ourselves on providing the support and facilities you need to have a magical outdoor wedding.

Having the right Celebrant is important, the day is yours and the form of words will make all the different.

Small Details are important, this is a Celebration, it’s your Celebration and we want it to be as perfect just as much as you do.