Planning a Wedding - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Planning a Wedding

Planning a Wedding is actually a lot of fun, there should never be any tears or stress.

Start with your ideas of who you want to celebrate this with, keep it intimate where possible and avoid being influenced with regard to who you invite.

There are so many ways to make your celebration unique without breaking the bank.

It’s the start of a new journey, a new beginning and the friends you gather around will see it as a reflection of you both. Set the scene months in advance so that friends and family can make their plans and understand the cost and expectations knowing that it supports your goals.

Immediate family and besties will be staying with you at Saltcote Place, perhaps the smaller children will stay over at one of the many local accommodation providers.

It may not sound like a high priority but a shared Google Spreadsheet will make the entire journey a simple one, we have a tool that helps you plan all aspects of the celebration in one place to ensure your Wedding planning will be totally stress free.

Planning In Detail
After you have purchased the option of hosting your Wedding with us we will give you access to your own Google Spreadsheet, in here you will be able to add in suppliers and make sure they understand your requirements exactly,

The spreadsheet enables you to share the parts of the details with key players such as best men, Ushers and suppliers so they are all in support of your plan.

Any tips and ideas to save you money or to enhance your experience here is already included along with ideas for local suppliers who are familiar with Saltcote Place to help you achieve the best possible end result.

Having a clear agenda lets you plan with confidence knowing your told everyone and yet keeps you in control as they cannot edit without you giving them permission.

Assuming a Weekend Celebration then perhaps from late Wednesday or Thursday your marquee will be up, with friends and family and a few bottles of prosecco it’s fun to get involved in the decoration and perhaps retire to a local pub or restaurant each evening.


Some couples stay over for days after the Wedding, it’s a great way to reflect and wind down after months of planning and the crescendo of activity and emotions of the previous days.

Brunch the day after can be nice especially if your marquee and catering team are available and your budget can extend.