Wedding Catering Company in East Sussex - Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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SuperEvent-Marquee Catering

Wedding Catering Company in East Sussex

As you plan your Wedding or Wedding Anniversary the last thing you want to start doing is running around meeting every wedding catering company in East Sussex.

Hiring a catering service provider is an essential part of your wedding planning. A good caterer generally provides not only outstanding food but they also provide all beverages including alcohol covering wines, beers and spirits.

Always select a wedding catering company who provide the flatware, glasses, tables and table clothes.

Our catering team provide a range of Marquee options. Unused to instructing a caterer for weddings and events? Don’t worry, since 2008 we have worked with the same amazing catering team who make the process simple and enjoyable.

Often the wedding reception venue offers some form of catering service, take the case of two local schools who offer the grounds and the school canteen to support weddings.  It will come as no surprise that your guests will use school cutlery,  school plates and school cups and saucers.

Although cheaper than a bespoke wedding catering team, is it the best way to plan a celebration?

Just like any other wedding vendor, a Wedding caterer has to be able to provide professional references. We suggest you look at our TripAdvisor testimonials and search for “food”. We have 100% confidence in the skills of our catering team to deliver outstanding food and service levels.

So much rides on the caterer it makes sense to go and meet with them. Taste their food and see the levels of service they deliver with ease. In our experience our team are reliable, trustworthy, and they provide a quality of product and service that few can achieve.

There are a few different styles of Wedding catering:

Seated Wedding breakfast – a seated wedding breakfast will usually require more servers than a buffet dinner as serving the food requires more staff.

With a seated Wedding breakfast, you need more tables and chairs for most of the guests will eat at the same time.

A seated Wedding breakfast offers less flexibility for your guests, because they usually have a couple of options to choose from, although we are able to share with you some proven techniques to get the detail everyone needs collated.

To make it easier on you and your guests, we suggest that you agree menu options to be included with the wedding invitations so your guests can choose which selections they prefer. The pre-selection process enables you to work with our caterer on the final count.


With this option, you may be able to get away with less chairs and tables. A Buffet gives your guests more options, and they don’t all have to eat at the same time. A buffet dinner gives your wedding reception guests more alternatives to customize their food selection. The buffet requires fewer staff, and your guests can pick and choose what they like. In addition to the clear advantage of a more flexible buffet dinner, your hungrier guests can go back for seconds. Because buffet dinners require minimal service staff, you should be able to save money with this option.

We hope you choose to have your Wedding at Saltcote Place, to arrange to come and see us.