Wedding Reception in Rye Sussex -
wedding-reception-rye-sussex get no better than at Saltcote Place in Rye with great rooms, great views, free parking and awesome reputation.
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Wedding Reception in Rye Sussex

Wedding Reception in Rye Sussex then consideration needs to be given to the need for how your Guests will relate to your Celebration, they will have basic needs. If Guests cannot have easy access they may want to leave early or may not arrive in time.


The centre of Rye is difficult to park in at any time of year when parking is always at a premium.  Some venues especially Saltcote Place have an abundance of parking only a few hundred yards from the High street.

Rye Town Hall

Built in 1742, and features in the books by John Ryan ( Captain Pugwash). If you wanted a little history then Rye Town Hall could be an interesting choice.

Rye Town hall is a unique and historic venue in the heart of Rye, a short walk from Saltcote Place where your guests could have left 70 cars. Rye Community Transport is a popular choice with couples who hire the small mini buses to collect and deliver guests to the Town Hall. We recommend you also engage them for returning guests to their accommodation at close of play.

In addition to this beautiful venue, Rye Town Council is pleased to offer you the exclusive services of the Town Crier. He will greet your guests on arrival and then escort the Bride to the Main Chamber. After the ceremony, when everyone is gathered outside, he will deliver the wedding ‘cry’, announcing your marriage to the town.

Wedding Reception Venues

Saltcote Place is the quintessential Wedding Reception in Rye East Sussex offering a unique setting with elevated far reaching views. Saltcote Place is located a short walk walk from Rye Town Hall.

Exclusive use makes all the difference. Your family and friends can roam the grounds knowing no others guests are in the wedding reception venue. The last thing you want is for young children to be a concern or for them to have access to the busy traffic in the town.

We have no restrictions about having to close windows by 10:30 or any other restrictions. Be sure to check about restrictions at any venue and ask about Parking.

Call us on 01797 222220 to discuss your wedding reception at Saltcote Place. We will pay for your Journey from the Town Hall to Saltcote Place on Rye Community transport. To qualify you must tell us about this at the time you call us.