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Wedding Anniversary of Heidi and Stefan 2017

Wedding Reception Venues Sussex

Choosing a Wedding venue need not be complicated.

Wedding Reception Venues Sussex come in a wide variety. Start your planning with how many people you wish to invite, from here.

The next part is the most fun, once you have worked out your budget and then start your search on the internet.

Your venue may well be the most important element in the search but be sure to save some money for the food and drink if you are to provide it all.

A pay bar can reduce the cost and of course most weddings avoid spirits anyway. Offering a free bar up to 6pm with a pay bar afterwards also reduces costs.

Whilst corkage may be possible at some venues you should expect a charge to reflect the cost of handling, cooling, use of glasses, waste disposal and of course to reflect a loss of profit the venue would have earned.

A traditional meal and plenty of drink allow around £50 a head.  An evening buffet may cost around £8 a head.  You choice of food will govern the cost and this may impact the number of people you invite or the time you need to save up to have your Wedding.

Typically Wedding Reception Venues Sussex will have their preferred suppliers, this will have happened over time and will reflect how comfortable the venue is with the supplier.

DJ, Band, Magician etc.
A professional supplier will be a known quantity and will contribute to your wedding being a success. A poor supplier may be cheaper but can ruin a celebration. Any supplier will require full payment prior to the celebration.

Once you know the number of people you can start looking for the right wedding venue. The choice will be based on the location and ease of access for your guests.

Give thought to accommodation; not only guests but essentially for you two and your nearest and dearest family and friends. These days it is common for guests to pay for their own accommodation when attending a wedding.

The venues will give you an indication of cost based on your number of guests and the time of year.

Armed with the anticipated cost of a selection of venue it’s time to go and have a look. We suggest a notepad and a list of questions would be a good choice.

Wedding Reception Venues Sussex will either be public buildings or private homes. It is essential to start the approach knowing the type of property you are visiting.

Private homes who offer weddings are going to be personally involved and will generally speaking be more likely to make the entire celebration bespoke. At the private home wedding venue is likely you will meet the owners, if possible ask to meet them.

Having a personal relationship with the owners works two ways. They will show an interest in you which means your celebration is far more likely to be bespoke.

A commercially operated wedding venue may have a different agenda to you. A commercial wedding venue may hold as many as 240 weddings a year. To make the most from your experience it’s simply a case of adjusting your expectations about arrival times, content of your day and accepting that it’s more about set procedures and constraints than it is about you and being flexible.

The commercial venue will probably cost you a little less. We feel the price you pay is only about the money, in a few years when celebrating your wedding anniversaries you will only remember the nice things and the cost will be long forgotten.

We would really like to hear from you if you want to get married at our home.
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