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Wedding Venue East Sussex

There are a great many wedding venues in east Sussex, they all have different features and benefits. Prices range from as little as £15 a head to over £300 a head. It all depends on your dreams and aspirations. Let’s look at the few variables and consider the over all cost and the cost per head.

A local restaurant it could be free as long as you achieve a minimum spend. This could be your cheapest option with everyone paying their own way. Your wedding will be remembered but your recollections will over time fade with nothing memorable. Under £100 all in.

Engagement process – call and make an appointment, probably best to arrange it mid afternoon as they may be between shifts.

Village Halls cost around £60 bring your own paper plates, catering, drinks, utensils, cutlery, table clothes, tables, and perhaps chairs. Seriously a Village hall Wedding can work if you are on a budget or need to get married quickly. Cost per head perhaps as low as £45 to £50 a head once all costs are included.

Engagement process – Often run by the local WI or parish council, try to catch them before an occasion when they are going to be present at the venue.

A small hotel with no outdoor space. these tend to be inexpensive, the venue will make some money on a hire charge and the rooms. Perhaps as much as £5,000 over all with a per head price of around £55 to £60.

Engagement process – Often at the smaller east Sussex wedding venues the owners will be able to see you, Often busy until 11am when breakfasts and checkouts are completed and staff have been assigned tasks you will find the owners happy and able to set aside the time for you.

A modest hotel with gardens. You are starting to enter the realms of a traditional wedding venue. The Venue will provide all of their regular packages graduated with terms such a Bronze Silver or Gold. Prices will include a set number of glasses of wine, and canapes and of course the accommodation.

You will pay additional amounts for bottled water and other minor incidentals after the event. It’s usually under a £1,000 but could not have been foreseen before your day was over. You may well be looking at £20,000 upwards. A per head price of £85 to £100 is reasonable.

Engagement process – Usually these Wedding Venues in East Sussex have dedicated staff on reception who can greet you whenever you arrive and dedicated sales staff to help book you in with one of the packages.

A Country house Wedding venue in East Sussex Not within reach of everyone but we feel well worth the effort. After finding a country house wedding venue it may be as well to read up about the place, see what the terms are and their availability. Not all country home wedding venues are open all year. Some have very short seasons whilst others have facilities to trade all year around.

Some of the country homes have dedicated staff to help you whilst others will want to work with you personally. Saltcote Place are at the personal level and enjoy the personal approach starting with a phone call prior to arranging a visit.

Engagement process – Initially by email or phone to see if your plans would be feasible and the dates and facilities you want are available. We will send you an indication of costs in a way that you can look at various permutations and see if the cost per head and overall cost works.

Once you have a short list of venues to go an see arrive with a notepad and pen and a list of key questions which are important to you. By asking the same questions at each venue it will be easier to reach a decision. Also record your thoughts about your initial feeling as you arrived mindful of weather conditions and time of year.

Trust your intuition. When you arrive at an east Sussex Wedding venue you will automatically have a certain reaction towards it. Trusting your instinct is important. If you have a good feeling about the venue that’s a good start.You will know instinctively if a venue is right for you or not.

Choose wisely when finding a wedding venue, let your heart get involved in the decision as well as your budgetary considerations. A difference of £10 a head and £20 a head is nothing. It’s only the price you pay. The value you receive is the memories that will last a lifetime, a lot longer than the fretting over £10 a head.

Here are some wonderful ideas for that perfect East Sussex Wedding Venue.

Pace yourself. Don’t go rushing into choosing the perfect wedding venue. Selecting the Wedding wedding is one of the most important events in your life so you will want to make a wise decision. Try to start looking for a venue about a year to 18 months before the wedding date if possible. You will then have enough time to make good decisions.

Think about the size. The venue size is vitally important in your decision. Pick a venue that is too tiny and it could be awkward if you want to invite more guests. The wedding will also loose its intimacy if the venue is too large.

The number of guests will dictate the the size. If you are in a Marquee you have the best of both worlds as you can alter and adapt as much as you want.

You will need a rough idea of how many guests you will plan on inviting before looking for your wedding venue. Try to be as accurate as possible. Don’t just say I want to invite from 200 to 500 guests. Such a large difference in the number of guest would affect venue size.

Remember to leave enough space for the dance area. The more guests you have, the bigger space you need to designate for the dance floor. You can always screen off the dance floor to create more intimacy during the speeches.

Review the parking area. Many people who have attended weddings complain of limited parking space. At Saltcote Place we can park 70 cars with ease. Make sure your choice of wedding venue has generous space for all of your guests. If parking is not close to the venue then consider if your guests will be walking in heels over cobbles. Parking may sound like a minor consideration but it could be the key between a satisfied guest and a frustrated one.

Find out if there are any restrictions for the venue. At Saltcote Place we are happy for you to sit with your friends until the small hours. The reality is most say they will dance till sunrise but it’s not been seen yet.

There might be some type of noise restrictions especially in a built up area where windows have to be closed at 10pm that’s not too clever in the summer without air conditioning.

Check if the venue allows you to bring your own florist, decorator, band, etc because some might have specific professionals and contractors they would like you to use. At Saltcote Place the catering is something we are keen to see is well managed. You don’t want to take risks with health and safety and food is always an important element to a Celebration.

Create a written plan for your wedding, at Saltcote Place we also give you planning tools to ensure there is no stress. Having a clear plan before your wedding ensures your suppliers can all get behind it without excuses.

Finally relax, it’s going to be fine, just remember it’s fun and share the load between you.

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