Elope in East Sussex – Saltcote Place East Sussex Wedding Venue
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Elope in East Sussex

Just Elope, the decision is as simple as yes or no, the politics could take a little longer to agree.

You will still need the support of the Registration Service, here are their details, it is often easier to email them and explain your circumstances, in some cases the wait period can be reduced but discuss this with them.
Tel 0345 608 0198

Once the registration service are in place then come and get married here.

Your Celebration could be as simple as staying here for two nights at the cost of the suite at £500 and then the hire of the room for your ceremony at £500.

Breakfast includes Bubbles of course and is included.

Intimate Wedding arrangements don’t need to take years to organise, our quickest took less than 12 hours and the BBC filmed it.

If it’s just the two of you then we can be your witnesses. 

Elopements can be amazing and uncomplicated, it all comes together with the right team.

Your Celebration can be every bit as emotional, poignant and moving as the Wedding that took three years to create. In many ways the spontaneity is what makes a Wedding so magical with those little aspects everyone remembers but nobody planned.